Peter Katz

Album Title: Split EP
Release Date: September 15,2005
Genre: Folk Rock
The reason Ontario artist Peter Katz named his latest EP Split is because that's how he wants it to be listened to. Although it's a little impossible to do it with a compact disc in a physical way, the singer-songwriter has divided the work into Side A and Side B to come out with a double-EP, three songs on each. The first side has a jazzy feel to it, the bass leading the listener through each groove. Katz's mellow vocals and the funky violin give it an earthy roots feel, the flipside of the ethereal, delicate sounds of the next half. Not merely a musician, Katz is also immersed in the theatre biz (he has his own production company) and his lyrics showcase a narrative style that really comes through on "Birdy." It's brash and it's soft-spoken, it's bouncing and it's flowing, it's ecstatic and it's depressedóSplit has got all ends covered.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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