Karla Anderson

Album Title: The Embassy Sessions
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Folk
"There the song goes, playing us again" is such a touching observation on the liner notes of Karla Anderson's The Embassy Sessions. The music was recorded between musical friends coming together under the roof of a creeky old house called the Red Motel Embassy in Calgary, AB. The recording was meant to be imperfect, yet beautiful, drafty and interrupted by their surroundings, yet flowing in unison continuously, which seems to say a lot about life as we know it and how the recording perfectly captures "life in the process".

"Cathedral" and "Out from Under" are excellent, with the thumping toe tapping effortlessness, are as many of Anderson's conversational tracks, worth listening in on. Her vocals are soft and smooth like Norah Jones on "Enough Love", but with vocal styling all her own matched with an unparallel story behind each set of lyrics that makes it a completely personal album clearly not produced just for the sake of it, but for the journey she's been on, and as "Shinin'" states "there's a sense of destiny wherever she goes".

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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