Oliver Schroer

Album Title: Camino
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Instrumental
Schroer captures a spiritual quest through the back country of France and Spain on an ancient pilgrim trail, but listening to the album in an urban setting, the same gestation seems to apply. The journey between harsh chords belting loudly and painfully beautiful sonic waves that seems to caress the very essence of light and hope along one's own pilgrim trail is evident in this recording. The album was recorded in 25 different churches in two months of walking the changing landscapes of Europe. The metaphoric nature of walking an ever changing trail, with unchanging beauty by your side is apparent, and thoroughly welcomed.

Natural sounds are also incorporated into the tracks between the resonances of the church walls that include pilgrims praying, birds, bells, children playing, footsteps, and moments of conversation. Schroer brings you along on his walk, which is the gem in this brilliant recording, as it's a poignant one. The captivating voyage reminisces with you in the cover art photography by Peter Coffman and Diane Laundy, and the violin speaks the language of the heart, to something which is inside us all. I strongly recommend buying this album; it's a staple for those on any quest of their own and for those that cherish the mystical quality of the violin, www.oliverschroer.com.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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