Album Title: The Focus
Release Date: Feb 4, 2006
Genre: Alt-Rock
In this age of the digital studio where artists can artificially create nearly any sound imaginable, it's great to hear bands lay down "live off the floor" studio recordings, especially when collective musical cohesion shines through. This is the case with the Toronto-area band EkaTrEe and their independent sophomore CD release The Focus, a disc that successfully captures the essence of the live shows that are garnering a lot attention on the club circuit.

In listening to the CD you can visualize the musical portrait this quartet
has created. On a landscape of drums and bass that even at their most tranquil betray the coming thunder, two guitars create the brushstrokes beckoning the listener ever closer to the aural world they have created. There aren't any vocals to guide one along either; it's up to the listener to explore The Focus without signposts, enhancing and individualizing the experience.
Listen to the closing track "Lost Corsage" for the perfect late night or rainy day indulgence.

Writer: DJ Richie Dynamite

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