Trevor Dick

Album Title: 5th String Blvd
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Instrumental
Guelph, Ontario based Trevor Dick is an independent fiddler who takes his colourful electric blue violin across the world to spice up music halls and churches for the glory of GodÖafter all, as Trevor says, God is the creator of music too. On 5th String Blvd Trevor has produced lively fiddle-happy worship music that lifts you up to higher ground. From Trevor's talent with a bow, he does the songs themselves justice as instrumentals. "Open the Eyes of My Heart" kicks off the CD with almost painfully beautiful notes on the violin, whereas "I Sing the Mighty Power" includes more high pitched violin and rock 'n' roll guitar vibrations in the mix. Each track on the album takes you to a new place; "Deep Love" has an almost Latin,samba vibe. Only some good instrumental albums tend to go where 5th String Blvd has gone and that comes from using additional rock and jazz influences and honing in on the power of the violin bow as more than just a classical instrument but as a vibrant addition for more contemporary tracks.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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