Building 429

Album Title: Rise
Release Date: March 14, 2006
Genre: Rock
Building others up in love is the mission of this North Carolina band, and the theme continues through the appropriately titled Rise this Easter. Just as Jesus did, the band is raising up those that love and follow God with messages of faith and narratives that draw us inward. From a few humble ballads to relevant rock hits like "Searching for a Savior", Building 429 have spoken for our culture, "Just a boy with something in his heart/says life doesn't add up/the dreams are telling him to 'seek and you will find'".

The band is comfortable in the rock genre, and it's good to see musicians staying with what they know, but I was glad to hear the delicate piano track infused into "Home" with the drums and electric guitar; it really showed off the quality production of the album. There are elements in "Because You're Mine" that bring out the country in the foundation beneath their rock tracks, which makes Rise such a well-rounded production.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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