Album Title: Beauty in the Broken
Release Date: May 16, 2006
Genre: Rock/Pop
Canadian rockers, Starfield, are back with a follow up to their debut self-titled 2004 release. If there's a staple to any worship collection, it's Starfield, with "Filled with Your Glory" as a classic example of their good penmanship we know to expect something good from this release. Not only do you get a sense of Canadian pride that such musical talent is within our borders, but the songwriting amazes with lines like, "I want to hold the hand that holds the world", and "You say 'strength is found in weakness/peace in incompleteness'/ so why do I hold on?" Beautiful harmonizing is found on the title track "Beauty in the Broken", and heard live with a full band would be even more wonderful. "How Great Thou Art" begins with a Hendrix-like opening of shivering electric guitar, an interesting new take on a classic hymn with a definite anthem-like rock influence and is bound to be merging into a music ministry near you with its old meets new stylings just as Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin have done with their songs.

What always captivates me about Starfield is Tim's vocals, you feel like he's always right at the feet of Jesus, and hearing that humility in his lyrics and aching vocals, is a good example of knowing where we should stay.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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