Lindsey Yung

Album Title: Fusion
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Pop
The debut album from San Diego's Lindsey Yung offers the usual pop singer-songwriter fare expected from young, good-looking females, or anyone that claims to have been singing before they could speak. Lyrics that focus on being true to yourself and the trials and tribulations of love are backed by the ever-present drum machine, all pasted to a fairly constrained melody. Yung's voice isn't anything that will get opera aficionados excited, but tracks like "High" show that the songstress has the ability to pull of that breathy, meek kitten style (think Lisa Loeb). Seeing as this is only Yung's first outing into the world of stereo, there's always that lovely fact that there's room for her and her music to grow. She just needs to decide in which direction that will be (hopefully a memorable one).

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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