Album Title: An Electric Trace
Release Date: October 25, 2005
Genre: Rock
It appears there is no harder task on this earth than sticking a pin in Sylvie. They're a rock band, sureóbut try to find some linear path through their influences and contemporaries, and you'll most likely end up in a parallel universe that's wallpapered in blue velvet and smells of cotton candy. So perhaps it's best not to even try. Then again, spun sugar is a delightful scent, so why not take a stab at itÖ

An underlying touch of synthesizer can often be heard on An Electric Trace, but the insane kick-drumming and cymbal-crashing usually obscure it. Sing-shout voices do call-and-response while jangly guitars create a level surface to stand on. Dubbed vocals rise above duelling guitars, one pinging back and forth between two notes, the other off on some psychedelic tripóall within the space of three songs.

Sylvie gathers their sound from a variety of decades and genres, returning home to Regina of the Year 2006 with something worth investigating. There's no need to over think quartet's sophomore effort, but remember, if you do decide to ponder the random percussion and studio effects, be prepared to run in circles.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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