The Morning After Girls

Album Title: Prelude Ep's 1 and 2
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Rock
For the first time Melbourne's The Morning After Girls (of which only one is a girl) make landfall in North America with their debut full length, prelude: ep's 1 & 2. Prelude is a culmination of their previous two ep releases from 2003 and early 2005.

The balance throughout their album varies between fast and slow rock which makes for a perfect expressive blend. The instrumentation contrasts between the smooth haunting guitars in tracks like, "Hidden Spaces" and "Interlude", to the energetic buzz in "Hi-Skies" and "Fireworks". Each song on this
album oozes emotion and creates a melodic dreamy pop sensation. The only drawback that can be heard is the overpowering cavern reverb that hinders the intelligibility of the vocals in a couple of the early on tracks.

Writer: Paul Whitfield

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