Album Title: LunarTheory
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Pop
If there's one collective fear that the world has, it's that Europop outfit Eiffel 65, responsible for the gem "Blue (Da Ba Dee)", will find a way to resurface from '90s electro-dance obscurity. The questionable band name and cover-art of LunarTheory's self-titled debut causes extremely loud alarm bells to go off, prompting audiophiles to run for cover. Luckily, it's all for naught. The space theme that Jared Robinson has going on with his solo project is misleadingóa seven syllable band name and impressionistic album cover would have been much more appropriate. Coming off like a male-fronted Frou Frou, Robinson hits dream pop on the head: breathy vocals, swirling melodies, smooth production, the occasional xylophone riff. Assuming people aren't thrown-off by the cosmos theme, LunarTheory will slide effortlessly into its delicate twee niche, especially if "Someday" is sent as its flagship (or is that space probe?).

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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