The Strokes

Album Title: Room on Fire
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Rock
When I first saw a video of The Strokes on Much Music, I thought they were airing a really amazing 1960s group that my parents had failed to mention to me. The band is truly a timeless gem, with the edge of The Vines, but enough sense to keep themselves in check with earth. We feed off the pleading vocals, the emotional 'too cool for new clothes' bands that The Strokes coincide with. 'What ever happened?' has a great kick and was perfectly constructed as an opener to the CD, 12:51 for me was my broken car radio (the radio announcer said 'it's 12:51…' and I assumed my radio was broken because it was past 1 o'clock. Silly am I, no matter how much I loved that 'nameless song' that day. Room on Fire is a truly rock-out CD; very worthy to buy.

Writer: Lindsay Bloemink

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