Pole Folder

Album Title: Zero Gold
Release Date: May, 2005
Genre: Dance
Released as Bedrock Record's first artist album, Pole Folder puts all of his talent together with Zero Gold. Having grown up playing the trumpet and guitar since age 5, Pole Folder has used his influences and experiences to melt together a stellar production.

After two years in the studio Pole Folder, Zero Gold is a downbeat gem fused with cavern-sounding soundscapes, progressive beats, lead guitars, electronic nuances and melodic vocals from Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus 3 fame), Shelley Harland and Sandra Ferretti.

This album flows together very well, keeping you involved throughout each song. Each track seems to stem from the theme of questioning life and relationships, which get resolved in the last track through the use of the sample, "let there be light". As for my favorites, I love the ominous feel and progressive build up of "Morning Cow" along with the vocals in "abrasion", "Waterfalls of Love" and "Faith In Me". I was especially surprised to hear the use of the oldskool hardcore sample "cravings are the roots of unhappiness" in the track "Salvation On Slavery Sins". Overall, Zero Gold is a superb production and I'll be looking forward to future Pole Folder releases.

Writer: Paul Whitfield

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