The Myriad

Album Title: You Can't Trust A Ladder
Release Date: June 14, 2005
Genre: Rock
The Myriad has had quite the buzz surrounding their band recently and it's easy to see why with their debut release, You Can't Trust A Ladder; the band sounds like they have something to say.

They have a sound that seems very familiar when first listened to, but with that, they build upon those familiar influences with their own unique flare of modern rock.

The album is full of crunchy guitars and driving bass lines on the energetic end to atmospheric synth sounds and acoustic guitars on the gentler side. Lead vocalist Jeremy Edwardson's flowing vocals are mesmerizing and really cranks up the tracks when he needs to go for it.

With vocals like, "Change Your Mind", in "Perfect Obligation", "I have lost all my patents for your games", in "When Fire Falls", and "Myriad of light", in "The Last Time", it's interesting to see the thought provoking reflections that make The Myriad's lyrics such an experience. With the continuation of this type of writing The Myriad should earn plenty of musical accolades to come.

Writer: Paul Whitfield

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