Sanctus Real

Album Title: The Face of Love
Release Date: April 4, 2006
Genre: Rock
Sanctus Real's third studio album The Face of Love stands out as a conversation worth listening in on. The band had gone through some serious emotional roller coasters, loved ones getting sick, the birth of a child, a band member leaving, it was a time of change and overflowed with emotions that the band didn't expect. Through confessions of their fears and frustrations, they wrote this album and it's completely identifiable outside of their very personal circumstances. Sampling the lyrics of " Eloquent" allows you to grasp the tone of the album, "I'm as eloquent as an elephant/about as head strong as the mighty king kong/...I'm difficult, argumentative about as thick skulled as a dinosaur bone." However, there is also hope. The title track most aptly reflects God's loving kindness through their life experiences, "it's love that paints the portrait of your life/..I may not know the shape of your face/ but I can feel your heart changing mine/ and your love still proves your alive."

A daily prayer that rings true on The Face of Love is "So give us the grace to change the world/no one too lost for me to love/no one too low for me to serve/let us see, let us be your face". Sanctus Real make great rock albums and this is no different, it worships, it explores a range of human circumstances, and makes a great addition to your 2006 CCM collection.

Visit for more information, and look for it in stores and online soon.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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