Charlie Hall

Album Title: Flying into Daybreak
Release Date: January 24, 2006
Genre: Rock
Rarely is there such versatility and lyrical magic interwoven between praise. Each track on Hall's latest effort leaves the listener in awe of the talent that made these 12 gems. Hall is no stranger to getting people psyched for worship; he has had the Worship Pastor title at Bridgeway Community Church in Oklahoma, and been a part of the glorious Passion Conference series with Louie Giglio, called by The New York Times "Christian Music's New Wave". "Marvelous Light" is excellent as a live version, the studio version on the album needs some getting used to, but is still brilliant. With verses such as "Sin has lost its power/death has lost its sting/from the grave you've risen/ victoriously" one can see that the Holy Spirit has taken the hand of a performer who loves to give back to his Creator. "Song of the Redeemed" has this funky quick paced drum beat, it's structured like a dance track, which is refreshing, most worship music stays in one musical vein and never leaves. Hall has mastered his sound and shows that variety is important, that theirs more than one way to proclaim a message. "Bravery" melts in your mouth as Hall sings "I'll rise above all the flattery and frowns/÷I am yours/and you are breath taking/and breath giving." Charlie Hall will no doubt leave you breathless after putting Flying into Daybreak on for a couple hundred spins during the week.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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