Album Title: Modern Behaviour
Release Date: September 2005
Genre: Electronic
There's nothing better than chilling out to various forms of electronic based lounge music and when I heard Lampshade's (AKA Paul Shrofel's) debut release, "Modern Behaviour" I was thoroughly jazzed. From the soulful samples in "Wakeup", to the funky bassline and organ elements in "Hazey Shade", this release carries something a little different.

Lampshade uses his extensive music education to bring his hip vibe of melodies and full-on ensemble to the forefront created through the use of keyboards, drum machines and samples. Tracks take the form of heavily infused, down tempo tunes broken up by beats and electronic nuances. Each one of the compositions takes you on a musical journey through what sounds like a scene out of an early James Bond movie in, "That's it", to the utter Drum and Bass chaos that builds at the end of "Best Girl".

A great addition to the Canadian electronic music scene, Lampshade remains true to his groove throughout "Modern Behaviour" which makes this debut release a modern gem.

Writer: Paul Whitfield

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