Holly Stell

Album Title: Holly Stell
Release Date: November 2005
Genre: Opera
It's always magical when a child's potential is realized, that's what hits you about Holly Stell when you first witness her vocal talent. Entertainment Tonight has called her the "Petite Pavarotti", and she has sung a duet with the legendary Andrea Bocelli on the track, "Go Where Love Goes", which also appears on Bocelli's latest, Andrea. Her manager discovered her at a benefit while she was performing for Hilary Duff and the charity, Kids with a Cause. All of this, and Holly's only 13. She has a talent for expressing the language of opera with ageless perfection, and translates the timeless beauty of the genre through such tracks as "Jewel Song" and "O Mio Babbino Caro". Not to worry for those unfamiliar with opera, Stell has included pop tracks such as "Perfect Shades of Blue".

A gem on this debut album is the track that Stell penned herself, "Annabelle Lee" performed a cappella and able to pierce the silence in a room with climaxing vocals. Stell is no stranger to loving music, she has been singing since she learned to talk and followed suit at her local church while growing up. The music performed is a kiss from heaven, and Stell does well to acknowledge who allowed her the craft, as she notes the Lord's grace in the liner notes. Great things are expected from Ms. Stell after this opera/pop album hits the mainstream, and as sure as she was given the gift of song, here's hoping the grace that is present in her voice will filter through the opera world and into many people's hearts.

Visit www.hollystell.com for more information.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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