Chasing Arcadia

Album Title: Chasing Arcadia
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Rock
Front man Darryl McCarty provides a polished performance on "It's Over", with vocal familiarity that you'll spend hours trying to place. The sorrow of rehab for drugs addiction parades through "Portrait" and ends on a surprisingly hopeful note of "not giving in this time", which is a potential angle the band could take to improve the positive elements of their music through more challenging themes. "Rise Above" also alludes to a better place amid the rubble of our current situations, and the chorus makes a lasting impression on the listener, "We will fly in the sky/ we will rise above all we've left behind". It lets us know that the judgments, misplaced trust and resentment we battle are not who we are, that we are more than our worst moods, and can experience freedom in knowing we have a choice in how we live. Overall, Chasing Arcadia proves to have potential in the vocals and lyrics, deciding where their angle is on their next recording will be the ever deciding factor on their listening base.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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