Scott Deneau

Album Title: Bighearted EP
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Singer-Songwriter
In a world of singer-songwriters Deneau proves to be something special, which he literally gives in his performance of "Everything". Whispers of piano and Deneau's well-controlled raw vocals pierce through the silence, listeners are taken through a personal journey of discovering the many facets of a man's desire to do and be all he can be. However, when listening to such tracks as "Compass", the lyrics and structure felt amateur compared to the impact of "Everything". Deneau, with this EP, needs to be sure not to lose sight of his own potential as a songwriter. "Barcelona" does well to carry on the theme of wanting to do more with life, and it's excellent in how it raptures our attention for issues Deneau brings up, "some day we'll let the guard down, in a war zone, for a language of change". Deneau has the ability to break out on a broad scale like Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, all he needs is the right amount of "Everything" to make a homerun on an LP.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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