The New Pornographers

Album Title: Twin Cinema
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Alternative
I was pleasantly impressed with the music on this CD as a whole, which is rare in the indie rock scene as of late. A.C. Newman is brilliant in making his songs more poetry than blunt reaction, taking a nod from classic writers like Jim Morrison, although Newman appears to have more to say than statements about sex and substance abuseÖbut as many listeners, I too haven't been able to decode all of his lyrical proclamations, nor do I wish to, if simply just to enjoy the music for itself a little longer.

The lyrics appear as metaphors of social commentary, and hint at relaxing the "rules" and burning our intelligence in the street, such as in "Fire in the Street" when it says "Some things work but me I choose to lose my skin in the dirt." I don't endorse anything Newman is saying, but the song structure throughout Twin Cinema is what remains appealing, and shows Canadian musical talent at its peak. Listening to "The Bones of an Idol" the beauty of Newman's creativity comes to the forefront with rich musical layering, and it appears he is discussing our search for passion and drive in what we believe. What The New Pornographers lack in translation, they make up for in a fully musically talented album that provides a great example for Canadian indie rockers everywhere.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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