Album Title: Mission Bell
Release Date: January 17, 2006
Genre: Rock
Delirious? Have been relatively consistent with releasing material once a year, or every couple of years with Sparrow Records. Mission Bell is their 8th studio release in North America and yet, it feels like we've been aching for more of this sort of solid worship music like that of Mission Bell since Newsboys told us to "Shine". What makes Delirious? different in the circle of modern worship music is their fluency and variety of their rock melodies and a raw passion for worship. The band writes anthems, not just songs, it's the anthem of grace that always seems to be apparent in their material as they call on God's power, celebrate it, and proclaim Him prophetically in song. "Our God Reigns" is about the social injustice with the fight against A.I.D.S., abortion and the Hollywood approach to "Botox beauty". In all of this, the message "Our God Reigns" is made, and the band allow you to clue in when it says, "God didn't screw up when He made you, He's a Father who loves to parade you." It's a song about showing what sin has done to us, and knowing our God created us to be better than all of that, and He has come to take us away from it all in the end. "Our God Reigns" comes as a whisper, a revelation in a world filled with sin, and is one of the most delicate and poignant tracks of the album and the addition of the choir keeps the song's message climaxing, a nice touch.

"Paint The Town Red" is reminiscent of early Newsboys, but is also a welcome pick-me-up at the end of the album, a cut off ending, a couple of sans-production guitar solos, and excellent lyrics like "we're going to paint this big 'ol town red with the blood of Jesus" as to cover the world with His love, and "I feel this heart's about to break now/cause I can see what the devil's trying to take now./We've got this little black book and a freedom cry, We're an army of God/We are ready to die/". Delirious? pumps you up for God's call on our lives, they take what could be depressing and make it a passionate cry to have the church rise up to back up Jesus, in all that He is and all that He can be to people who don't yet know Him.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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