The Idaho Falls

Album Title: Concrete Prairie
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Alt-Country
After listening to this release by the LA-based band The Idaho Falls one can't help but note the strong talent at their fingertips with a pool of expert musicians like the groups founding members Heather Goldberg and Richards who formed the group in 2001. The Idaho Falls is named after Raymond Richards' hometown where he lived till the age of 12. The band met at an eclectic art and performance space in downtown L.A known as The Smell. They soon realized that they had the same love for pedal steel guitar and classic country and a host of indie acts to boot. As time went on the depth of the pool grew greater with Heather on vocal, harmonica and Raymond also sharing vocal and a host of strings Greg Vincent plays a mean pedal steel guitar and who has recorded with the band Cake. Roger Brogan on drums (also in Frausdots), Kevin Feyen an ex-Black Eyed Peas on lead guitar and Kevin Hite as the bassist. All of their experience comes shining throw on this album it makes you wonder why with 16 tracks that are that good why we haven't seen more of this group.

I find that it has a reminiscent feel to it that makes you want to sell the house and buy a horse and cowboy hat and move to Idaho Falls just so you can get the feeling that transcends with this music. I for one love the soft gentle sound of Goldberg's voice mixed with the twang of the pedal steel guitar. The melodies of this album are tranquil and poppy with an underscore of toe-tapping country, which can only be made by good musicians. At points you come to realize that a lot of the songs are about passion of a relationship, whether for someone or some place that is missed or even misplaced. But love is the theme on this album as so many good country songs of old are. With a title like Concrete Prairie, it is fitting with the mountains of buildings and the wide plains of the suburbs to the rivers of cars that starches out of very city one can set their mind in the great prairies of the 21st century .The Idaho Falls makes it seem like we are sitting beside the chuck wagon and all we have to do is figure out if we are the herd or the herder.

Writer: Kyle Smyth

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