Flophouse jr.

Album Title: Houseboat
Release Date: August 9, 2005
Genre: Alt-Country
This millennium has been good to Jon Wood and Susan Young who make up Flophouse jr. with the first release Woodland in 2000 they were three which included bassist Andy who just seem to disappeared when time for the second album came, so they became a duo.

They got great praise from the UK press on the first CD and went on to do a handful of shows in England, after it was done Susan made her way back to Brighton to start a new life and Jon back to Vancouver. A year later when it was time for a tour in England again, then they grabbed a bit of a break seeing how they were living on opposite sides of the pond.

When you listen to Houseboat it soon becomes very clear that the break was for the better, I had to listen to it a few times just to pick out all the different instruments that they have put in to the tracks. I heard a wide variety of sounds and oh what a treat it was to hear, the best part is that at least half of them are so used that they carry a reverberation that can only come from a long time of play, so they have a sound and story with every tone that they give off. Jon and Susan have put together an awesome collection of songs that I was so taken by. But that is what happens when you find a great songwriter with a ton of "toys".

Writer: Kyle Smyth

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