Album Title: Velocity
Release Date: May 27, 2005
Genre: Rock
One thing I can say is that if you are a fan of this Orange County band then you just may get a ride on the "Party Bus". This group of aggressive hard rockers from the West Coast like to charter their fans to their concerts and the trio pays for it. It's nice to know that some bands actually care about their fans that much! They all say they do, but how many rent a bus to bring up loyal fan to a different city to see them play?

The fact that Southern California is packed with bands who want to make it big overnight, just to make it to a CD release is a huge deal. This band has something different to them and some bigger names in the industry are seeing Damage for what they truly worth. Ronnie King Produced Velocity and independent filmmaker Dave Basulto of Clarity Pictures directed the video for "What is" the album first single and has licensed the song for use in his film"The Clique". With the band being noticed by names like Basulto you know that we will see good things from Damage. Guitarist/vocalist Michael Neufeld, bassist Pete Rogers and drummer Veeken Tashjian have only been playing together for a year and half and were nominated for Best Hard Rock Band out of hundreds of competitors at the Orange County Music Awards, which was sponsored by Live Magazine in 2004.

Writer: Kyle Smyth

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