Dian Diaz

Album Title: Colour Everywhere
Release Date: August 29, 2005
Genre: Pop
Wow what a big voice, at times it seem that Dian Diaz can hit every note that she wants and that is not a bad thing. As this is her first album she has brought to the airwaves a huge resume that not one can dispute. She has been headlining at The Bellagio's Fontana Room since 1998 and has blown away legends like R.Kelly and Bono who have come up onstage with her.

Her long-time idol Whitney Houston also came to check out the show three nights in a row! With idols like Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston one can see where she got her start with a wide range that she can accomplish in her singing and with her 8 piece band. Dian has worked with some very talented songwriters on this album and has written a few of her own as well. She records at home with husband Alex Norbert at an elaborate studio that they have built. They financed her recordings themselves under the label Strip City Records. All this is not bad for a girl from Albuquerque, New Mexico who started out with a dream and made it a reality.

Writer: Kyle Smyth

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