Kiss Me Deadly

Album Title: Misty Medley
Release Date: October 4, 2005
Genre: Rock
Montreal's Kiss Me Deadly has got a definite Broken Social Scene thing going on. The major difference is that they've only got four members, not eight million. Other than that, Kiss Me Deadly's sophomore album Misty Medley has the same ethereal, grand, expansive sound as their Toronto brethren. Vocals courtesy of both the sexes find a place on the 10-track record, but it's the sleepy male voice that gives Kiss Me Deadly their biggest distinction, stapling the project down to solid ground. Scattered throughout the record in a random order are songs "Dance 1" all the way through to "Dance 4". When sequenced, the tracks meld into a mega mix of breathy vocals and quick beats. But, the stand-out moment on Misty Medley has to be the title-track. It sounds just as the title would suggest, Sophie Trudeau's violin drawing out more emotion than any lyrics could.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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