Album Title: Calle Peligrosa
Release Date:
Genre: Rock
With ambitions moving beyond the rock star life, including being a songwriter for other artists (way to rake in the royalties), Roman Horodysky aka Romansongs is putting himself out there for the first time with Calle Peligrosa. It maybe wouldn't be a bad idea for Horodysky to stick with the rock star life a little longer than he might have originally intended. Although his music isn't completely mind-blowing, there's something tucked among the distorted guitar riffs and light piano lines that call for attention. Horodysky points to Cash and Petty as reference points for his songs, but in both mood and sound the album comes off like a mix of Beach Boys and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - sometimes all at once (check "What Have You Done?"). It'll be interesting to see what direction Romansongs goes with his next album, and whether he'll kick it up to the next level, for a close listening to Calle Peligrosa creates a lot of intrigue.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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