Immaculate Machine

Album Title: Ones and Zeroes
Release Date: September 6, 2005
Genre: Pop Rock
The spotlight has never been shining brighter on Victoria's Immaculate Machine, thanks to their connection with the beloved New Pornographers, and lucky for them, their second album Ones and Zeroes is one that could help the trio on their way into the ranks of the New Pornos. Angular and choppy one moment, and whirling and lush the next, the 13-track record features quirky lyrics and a few profound thoughts. The boys and girl in the band split the vocals down the middle, calling and responding to their hearts' desire, and shake a lot of tambourine while they're at it.

In this time of political turmoil, courtesy of Canada's next-door neighbour, it'd be easy to skip past the song "Army" thinking it's yet another Bush-rant. However, it's about how the marketing machine is eating up the counterculture and spitting it back out at us. Lyrics like "Turn off your radio it means nothing to me anymore" combined with threats to "communicate in secret codes" that the suits won't understand call Immaculate Machine's fans to arms against those who would bastardize genuine expression. It'd probably be a wise decision to join forces with Immaculate Machine while there's still a chance.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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