Bedsit Poets

Album Title: The Summer That Changed
Release Date:
Genre: Rock
They look like an older version of the Raveonettes and sound like a less goofy and harder-hitting version of Mitch and Micky from the mockumentary A Mighty Wind. Before knee surgery brought the Bedist Poets a lot of downtime together, Edward Rogers and Amanda Thorpe were leading the lives of solo artists. Their collaboration on The Summer That Changed is a tag-game of similar genres, from twee pop to folk with hints at psychedelia floating around. Many of the songs feature Rogers and Thorpe singing in tandem, pushing and pulling off the other's vocals with expertise. Thorpe's rich vocals are a great asset to Bedsit Poets, as are the muted guitars and keys that make-up the base of the music. "February Kisses" is the first song to make an appearance on The Summer That Changed, and it's easily the best. Entirely hypnotic, it rises and falls like a merry-go-round, leaving the listener reluctant to get off.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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