House on a Hill

Album Title: Ladyslipper
Release Date:
Genre: Rock
Once the confusion between which is the band name and which is the album name (House on a Hill or Ladyslipper?) is settled, the second offering from the Seattle three-piece can be given all the attention it needs. They are in fact, called House on a Hill, and they sound like the American version of Broken Social Scene, which isn't at all bad (obviously). For the most part the songs on the record aren't very accessible, mainly due to the fact that the lyrics are almost an afterthought. But that's the point of Ladyslipper; it's all about the beats and tweeks. "China Walls" is the most striking of the 12 tracks the trio has offered up, and it's also the one that sounds the most like BSS. Clocking in at over 7:15, the song is a three-parter. The first half features a spattering of Sigur Ros-ish vocals layered on top of clean picked guitar. The middle section, a solemn cool down with a pulsing beat. Bringing up the end is a return to the upbeat strumming of the first half and an abrupt end. Lovely.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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