Van Morrison

Album Title: Magic Time
Release Date: May 17, 2005
Genre: Pop Rock
What can one say about Van Morrison? Even people who despise oldies love "Brown Eyed Girl" and even those who scoff at jazz dig "Moondance". This latest offering from the song master comes in the form of the 13-song Magic Time, and as befitting the year 2005, it's on par with Morrison's earlier work. With the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney being praised for their newest albums, Morrison deserves the same accolades for Magic Time. Of course it doesn't match the brilliance of Astral Weeks or Moondance, but then again, little does. Morrison's voice is somewhat muffled and thick-sounding, but that doesn't apply to his lyrics. Fiction writers get better as they age, and it's the same case for a true poet like Morrison. Don't be afraid of disappointment with Magic Time, or worry that Morrison suddenly decided it would be a good idea to do brutal covers of American standards (Rod Stewart I'm looking at you). It'll never happen.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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