Dina DíAlessandro

Album Title: Is It Safe?
Release Date:
Genre: Pop Rock
Dina D'Alessandro is one of those musicians that you have a hard time imagining an audience for. It's not that she wouldn't have one, it's more that it's hard to picture her music being played on either adult contemporary radio stations or MuchMusic. Perhaps MuchMoreMusic would pick up the tracks found on Is It Safe?, but you couldn't really say for certain. The most likely path D'Alessandro will find herself on is one built upon a strong grassroots following grown around her home state of California. If Lilith Fair still existed D'Alessandro would have a hand-picked audience to belt out her heartfelt lyrics to, but since that concept bit the dust long ago, it's a fight for a place among the Avrils and Ashlees. Well-penned with real emotion, the songs found on D'Alessandro's sophomore effort are more akin to those of Melissa Etheridge than Dido (with whom she shares a slight resemblance), but fans of both will find something they like in Is It Safe?.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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