Album Title: Whitfield EP
Release Date:
Genre: Rock
Pulsing and dreamy guitars start out Whitfield's EP, which funnily enough draws the listener round and round in melodic circles just as the song's title would suggest (it's called "Circles" in case you were wondering). Along with an awesome rock star name, lead singer Jobie Mallet has got the vocals Thom Yorke would have if he took singing lessons. Of course one could argue that imperfection is the charm of Yorke's vocals, but Mallet's chops serve him well. The punkish looks of the BC band belie the delicacy of songs like "Kaleidascope", but it's quite possible the band dresses street so that they don't get beat-up like we all presume Chris Martin did until he got famous. There's a full-length tentatively titled Everywhere But Here on the way for winter, and with its release Whitfield will find out if there's room for another articulate, melodic rock band out there somewhere across the universe.

For more information visit: www.whitfield.tk/

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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