Scott Orr

Album Title: 3 Songs EP
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Country
With a full-length release on its way, Hamilton-based singer/songwriter Scott Orr has opted to throw his music out to the world in a bite-sized sample before his LP hits. It's no secret that EPs tend to win critics over easier than full-lengths, and Orr puts his best foot forward with his 3 Songs EP. Country but not too country, Orr's flat, drawling vocals are accompanied heavily by the pedal steel guitar, but don't flounder in dead-dog-and-broken-heartsville. It's a mix that should prove pleasing to even rock-centric ears (the more accepting ones, at least) without alienating any country fans. With country music taking a sharp turn back to the slightly twisted traditional, Orr is well positioned to make a loud splash alongside forward (backward?) thinking contemporaries like Corb Lund.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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