Audio Adrenaline

Album Title: Until My Heart Caves In
Release Date: September 2005
Genre: Rock
From the moment frontman Mark Stuart asks you to "Clap your Hands" you know you're in for an action packed good time. Audio A's anthems have not only helped push to sell more than 3 million records in the past, they've assisted in helping to build homes for orphans in Haiti with the band's Hands and Feet project. Lyrics on the album are worshipful, going the way of prayer for rockers across the nation, especially with the track "King". "Melody (Lost Inside the Wonder)" impacts the listener with how great our God truly is, lyrics that reflect our brokenness as human beings "For so long I've been sleeping/ dead inside/in so many ways I've tried to hide/ but you breathed deep into me your melody/" letting us know that if we submit ourselves, we make room for His glory. This being Audio A's ninth studio album; one can only wonder what else the guys will allow God to capture with their music and helping hands.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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