Nichole Nordeman

Album Title: Brave
Release Date: October 2005
Genre: Rock/Pop
Earlier this year Nichole Nordeman's CD Brave topped out at number one on Billboard's rankings and took first place honors with several other recording industry charts. Now she has decided to release a limited edition of the album for purchase and download from virtually all digital service providers. The digital limited edition was made available on October 18th.

With lyrics that are sometimes raw and other times simply transparent emotions put to paper Nichole Nordeman's pop tunes and evocative vocals appeal to the sounds of Sarah McLachlan and at other times remind us of Shawn Colvin.

The songs on this album do not simply flirt with us, here today and gone tomorrow, instead Nordeman has been much more like a surfer catching a big wave and riding this baby for all it's worth. Last time I checked the initial release of the album (non special edition) was still ranked eleventh after spending more than 25 weeks on the charts (Billboard).

The moody "Gotta Serve Somebody" a cover of Bob Dylan's tune is served up with a rock blues aura. Nordeman lights up this song with passionate vocals and a Mississippi delta soul.

"What If" is really a very simple conversation that could take place between any believer and a non Christian. The dialogue between the singer and the listener goes something like this, "You say you don't believe in Jesus and to believe in him will make you out to be a fool because he was nothing more than just a nice guy.' (my words) To which the singer replies; "But what if you're wrong? / What if there's more? / What if there's hope you never dreamed of hoping for? / What if you jump and just close your eyes? / What if the arms that catch you, catch you by surprise? / What if He's more than enough? / What if it's love? / "

Nichole Nordeman writes simple straightforward poetry that result in utterly honest lyrics. The words are conversations any one of us could have with a friend, acquaintance or God. Poetry and melody are fused beautifully and words are never obscured by guitar riffs, thundering drumbeats or techno vibes.

"What If" is an apologetic wrapped in an easy going melody and so simple it would make sense to a child, school teacher, stockbroker or construction worker. In a western society that has eroded the rights of Christians to express their faith "What If" is a vanguard. Quietly she adds legitimacy to asking, "What if you are wrong?"

Nordeman comments, "Nobody ever got argued into the arms of Christ. Nobody gets brow beaten or humiliated into a relationship whose very foundation is mercy and grace. And I know there are still many preachers behind too many pulpits around the world who are still trying to scare the hell (quite literally) out of people and into the kingdom of God, but I don't buy it. When every argument and piece of well defended evidence sounds empty to a hurting heart, it is the love of Jesus that comes rushing in and changes things."

It would be an understatement to say "Real to Me" is a great pop tune demonstrating Nordeman's ability to easily become a contender as a crossover artist. The lyrics act as a simple petition that most of us have offered up to God at some point in our lives, 'Where are you?' The words are not spoken out of pain or frustration but rather out of the need to feel and touch God in even the most insignificant events of our daily lives.

The CD as is usually the case with limited edition packages comes with two tunes not included on the retail disc.

Writer: Joe Montague

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