Jim Clements

Album Title: Kill Devil Hills
Release Date: January 2005
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Equipped with a voice that could rival Scissor Sister Jake Shears' should he down twelve cups of coffee, Toronto-based artist Jim Clements is another in a long line of fresh faced Canadian singer/songwriters waiting for their debut album to make them the next Neil Young. Much more so than others Clements has got a heck of a shot, his voice warbling above the strains of violin and carefully picked acoustic guitar setting him apart. Sitting in the vein of alt.country, Kill Devil Hills presents Clements as a thoughtful, extremely talented lyricist. Not as edgy as a Patrick Wolf but much darker than your run-of-the-mill Nick Drake knockoff, Clements mixes beautiful melodies with stories about killing a potential lover's current boyfriend, and the oddly haunting tale of lost youth found in "Wendy Darling" (of Peter Pan fame, get it?). The odds of actually making it to Neil Young proportions are ridiculously slim, but if a bet had to be placed, Clements would be a top choice.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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