LA Symphony

Album Title: Disappear Here
Release Date: October 4th, 2005
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Liquid techno vibes fused with rap overtures is the best way to describe the CD Disappear Here from the collective LA Symphony. I must confess that I am not a big fan of rap and hip hop but Flynn, Cookbook, Joey the Jerk, Uno Mas and Sharlok Poems come out stylin' and whether a club DJ is spinning this CD for you or you are diggin' on them in the comfort of your own home you will be left wanting to hear more from this entertaining entourage from the City of Angels.

A collective whose future was mired in the hands of a bankrupt record label and then whose contract was transferred to another label and subsequently ignored for several years LA Symphony is an illustration of the good and the darker sides of the music industry. I wish someone would explain to me why labels especially ones masquerading as Christian simply do not cut artists free when they have no intention of releasing their material.

Now free from the shackles of that contract LA Symphony has come up with their second recording released through Gotee Records. If you count the bite size "Finland Intro" the project boasts 14 tracks.

The quintet of DJ's and mcs / producers isn't content to churn out redeemed gangsta' music but envelopes powerful meaningful lyrics in a rap beat and isn't afraid to blend it with some quality ethereal sonics and vocals. One such song is the number seven track "Hold On" which highlights the project's theme perseverance.

The Old World imprints on the number eight track "C'est La Vie" serve as a nice encore to "Hold On". This song is an interesting contrast of other world grooves, ethereal vocals couched in a rap vernacular. The lyrics remind the listener that we are all in this together, part of the same body and have a responsibility to each other as part of that community.

"Pops Song" is one of the better tributes to good parents that I have heard over the years and presents one of the best arguments for families to stay together. LA Symphony's rapping uses the language of the street to get inside your heart and head. Let's remember rap and hip hop were born in a subculture that wasn't always pretty so why try to hide the missive behind pretty words that would be lost on the audience. As the staccato lyrics roll off the rapper's lips he explores the impact both a stable and unstable home can have on youth. The lyricist poignantly reminds parents that nobody can do it as well as they can when they are together. The song bears witness to the confusion and loss that is experienced by children when families disintegrate.

I guess the best testament to how good a CD is comes when you have a reviewer like me who confesses to not being a rap or hip hop fan and tells you I would buy the CD Disappear Here without question.

Writer: Joe Montague

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