Reach for the Rainbow

Album Title: A Compilation for Reach for the Rainbow
Release Date: June 28, 2005
Genre: Folk Rock
This is by far one of the best compilation albums to come out of Canada in a long time. The best part is that it has been created in hopes of raising proceeds for "Reach for the Rainbow", an organization responsible for providing children living with disabilities the chance to attend summer camps with the assistance of counsellors.

There are18 tracks and the back of the leaflet are slapped with bands we have come to love. With a collection of artists such as local acts: Alive and Living, and Hayden as well as Rheostatics, Hawksley Workman, The Inbreds, A Northern Chorus, Five Blank Pages, and Cuff The Duke. There is even a track from Ben Somer himself who also started the label to raise money for the charity and works with the children in the summer.

"The artists were chosen simply because they're great. I wanted a good mix of popular artists and noteworthy up-and-comers. It was important to keep the compilation all-Canadian and I think it does a good job at showing off the music Canada has to offer," says Somer.

This album takes you to a place where work and traffic jams really don't mean much when you listen to this compilation. The flow of the tracks is masterfully done to the point that all you want to do is just enjoy the mood and music that comes from this great album. Where you are sitting in the car on a hot and humid day or chilling by the lake watching leaves fall of the trees in the autumn. You will want to hit replay on this one for sure.

Writer: Kyle Smyth

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