Album Title: The Comfort of Home
Release Date: July 12, 2005
Genre: Punk/Pop
Well you know how it goes, the best songs you can write are from an experience that you and you alone feel moved by. That is exactly what Rufio has done with this album and they did it by staying away from the same style that their sophomore album had.

This quartet from Rancho Cucamonga, California have moved on to make music that has been inspired by some of the events in their lives. With tragedies that have made them grow up faster then most would like. They have used this to create a more high-octane sound about the hardships in their lives and also relationships that have made the band what they are today. Tracks like "Questions and Answers" and "Walk Don't Run" are written about bassist Jon Berry's brother, Joe, who died in 2004. Whereas songs like "Out of Control" and "Bitter Season" are about dysfunctional relationships and one of the most confessional tracks "Life Songs" is about the lead vocal Scott Sellers relationship with his father. The lyrics depict his great admiration and credits him for being a big reason Scott's in a band now and playing music in the first place.

Producer Mike Green has been able to help with the bands creative goals on this album and lay down tracks that they feel create the direction that they want to go as musicians. This album has a knack for unconventional arrangements, contagious hooks, and undeniable vocals. One can't help but like the turbo charged riffs, surging rhythm and multifaceted beats. If this release is anything like the last which sold more then 75,000 copies not to mention their loyal fan base, we will see more of Rufio in the future in a big way.

Writer: Kyle Smyth

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