Tom Wilson and Bob Lanois

Album Title: The Shack Recordings - Volume 1
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Acoustic/Roots
These Steeltown boys mellow out on this intimate acoustic release, recorded at Lanois' cabin in the woods (dubbed "the shack") in Waterdown, ON. This rustic retreat is the perfect elixir for the woodsy, home-grown feel of this acoustic adventure. The pair used ancient recording gear (owned by Bob and his brother Daniel), which is evident in the timeless quality to the recording. The Shack Recordings - Volume One shows yet another side of the talented songwriter Wilson who has toiled in Hamilton's musical milieu for more than 25 years. From his work with the Florida Razors to later projects such as Junkhouse and Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Wilson has showed himself to be a master storyteller and craftsman.

With Wilson's acoustic guitar guiding this journey, Lanois adds his harmonica to create a stirring sound. These nine tracks are poetic and poignant. One of the most memorable is "Let Your Old Star In," which Wilson co-wrote with Colin Cripps. This wanderlust song features some great imagery of traveling at night and searching for lost dreams. The disc closes with a countrified version of Bob Dylan's "Girl from the North Country." This project is Wilson's best yet since it's so stripped down and it shows the songsmith at his most vulnerable.

Writer: David McPherson

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