Album Title: Y.U. So Shady?
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Rock
With the demise of Big Sugar, Gordie Johnson journeyed to Austin, Texas in search of some new lovers of loud rock. Austin is known as a hotbed of music where songwriters gather and new acts are discovered nightly, so it's no surprise that Johnson journeyed to this locale to recruit some new blood. It didn't take the guitar slinger long as he found a pair of bandmates: drummer Chris "Whip" Layton (former drummer for Stevie Ray Vaughan) and Englishman Big Ben Richardson on bass and promptly formed Grady. Johnson's trademark loud guitar and his prowess with this electric instrument are front and centre throughout the 11 tracks.

The disc kicks off with the tour de force "Hammer in My Hand," with grinding guitar solos and guttural vocals, and this high-octane energy continues for the rest of the disc. Another highlight includes "Three Minute Song," a tongue-in-cheek look at the art of the short song, which of course clocks in at less than 180 seconds. Songs feature the psychedelic blues-rock that garnered Johnson much attention while in Big Sugar, but adds a heavier layer of sound supplied by his new collaborators. Turn it up real loud and make sure the neighbors are away for the weekend for that's the only way to listen to this raucous rock and roll ride.

Writer: David McPherson

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