Album Title: Kick In Your Heart
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Rock
After listening to the 7-song Kick In Your Heart EP from this Los Angeles trio it becomes no wonder that Gliss landed the spot of opening act on Billy Corgan's European tour. Dark and moping in a way that no one knows better than Corgan, Gliss move past all the Smiths comparisons thrown at similar-minded bands into the deeper, mottled regions that the Smashing Pumpkins once reigned over. Swirling guitars and a crashing, distortion riddled backdrop that My Bloody Valentine would be extremely proud of lays the groundwork for Gliss' noisy sound, while lead singer Martin Klingman's rasping, guttural vocals plow through the feedback with surprising melody. Finding a sound that works and sticking religiously to it, Kick In Your Heart doesn't ever veer from the noise pop pathway, but in this current trend of New Wave revival it's about time the rawer side of the '80s was unearthed.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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