Mark Berube

Album Title: Sketches from the Sidewalk
Release Date: January 2004
Genre: Pop/Rock
If Mark Berube had been born 50 years earlier one gets the feeling that he would have been a very successful big band leader. Sketches From The Sidewalk, Berube's second studio album, doesn't have a particularly swingy sound, but it has all the grandeur and swagger of an Artie Shaw record. Anyone who can make the accordion sound hip ("Puffed Candy") and place the clarinet and upright bass side by side on an indie rock record MUST be a swing leader reincarnate. Berube's soaring, warm vocals add an extra element to the vintage tones of his music, and when all the pomp is stripped away, his voice can obviously carry the album on its own if need be. Direct your ears to "Sweet Reply" if proof is needed; Berube's voice, acoustic strumming, and the sound of rain are the only sounds heard, and yet they add up to much, much more.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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