Two Hours Traffic

Album Title: Two Hours Traffic
Release Date: April 2005
Genre: Rock
Joel Plaskett took the helm on Prince Edward Island's Two Hours Traffic's debut album, building upon the already burgeoning East Coast scene. Although they're not the most brilliant songwriters to have ever walked the earth, that doesn't seem to be the point of Two Hours Traffic. Fresh and youthful sounding (as it should be - all four band members were 19-years-old at the album's recording), the 12-track album is well-produced and well-played. Not too heavy and not too light, Two Hours Traffic aren't quite power pop and they're not quite alt-rock. The band's debut shows they've definitely got what it takes to go far, and even sell a few records while they're at it. If anyone deserves attention from Canada's youth, it's these guys, but whether or not that happens depends solely on whether the nation's teenagers decide to open their ears for once.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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