Sarah Brendel

Album Title: Sarah Brendel
Release Date: July 2005
Genre: Alt-Rock
Don't look now but Sarah Brendel has just splashed on to the summer music scene with her North American self titled CD. Still in her twenties this seasoned veteran of the German music scene has already conquered her homeland with the top ten single "Sign of the Times" and the meteoric rise of "Du Bist Nicht Allein" which reigned at the top of the charts for twenty weeks.

Brendel's music has been featured on TV and in film. She performed at the famed Stuttgart Stadium before more than 100,000 fans.

Produced and engineered by Udo Rinklin this CD demonstrates great song selection, wonderful arrangements and plays to the versatility of Brendel's voice. When you come face to face with a fresh new sound and a talented musician like Sarah Brendel you are hesitant to make comparisons yet music mongers everywhere clamor for them so I will try. On her more pop driven tunes she reminds you of Lisa Loeb. On her stronger rock beats such as Fire she sings with the same kind of passion we have come to associate with Rebecca St James. The number one track Commodity rocks with the best that fellow label mates Superchic[k] can offer up.

I guarantee you will be singing along to Turn, King I Love and Breathing In. Thematically the lyrics talk about inner struggles, running away from responsibility and then taking control of our lives as the words to Turn attest: For the life that you've been running from / is the life you long to find /.

This carefully crafted masterpiece leaves no doubt where songwriters Brendel, Schluter and Rinklin stand, a complete life can only be found in God. With melodic pop tunes and pounding rock riffs musicians and lyricists fuse together a sonic gospel message.

Soul Shine's editor and publisher Lindsay Whitfield had the opportunity to check out an acoustic set by Brendel at this year's Creation East festival. Whitfield says, "Sarah has a very unique sound because of her potent lyrics; they're really written on her heart."

Brendel may be the most talented singer to come out of Germany since new wave / punk diva Nina Hagen in the late seventies and mid eighties. Take a bow Sarah you have already conquered Germany, North America welcomes you with open arms.

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Writer: Joe Montague

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