DJ Andy Hunter

Album Title: Life
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Dance
The future is now or at least that is the feeling you get as you listen to Andy Hunter's entrancing CD release Life, the follow-up to his blockbuster debut album Exodus. Hunter's techno wizardry capably aided by co-producer Tedd T. and executive producer Brent Milligan will firmly entrench itself in the hearts of fans of other chart stoppers such as Moby and Telepopmusik.

Hunter who hails from Britain received rave reviews with Exodus and several of his songs found a place in movie promotion (Matrix Reloaded trailer), musical scores for movies such as The Italian Job, for TV (Alias) and in video games (Black Hawk Down and Matrix).

The number three beat on this album is Alive, sure to be a fan favorite with Christine Glass (Love and Poverty-1999) adding her dreamy vocals to the number three track.

Kate Westall guests on Wonderful adding her voice to Hunter's vocals and the result is Enya meets the Pet Shop Boys fused with ethereal techno grooves.

Climbing as high as number six on the iTunes CD charts Life has firmly established Hunter as not only an artist to be reckoned with but a trend setter. He's considered a guru audiophile who is often in demand to speak to business and technology executives on a global scale. His trend setting DJ led worship may startle some church officials but has left others marveling at his ability to transcend traditional theological themes with techno beats.

If you are one of those stodgier types who is going to debate whether or not techno can really be considered music than move to the back of the line. There is an entire generation under the age of thirty that has already denied you that right and firmly entrenched techno vibes as a musical genre.

With only six audio tracks, the CD may appear a little light at first glance until you realize the album is actually forty-four minutes long. In fact I am not sure why the label EMI has listed this recording as an EP considering the length exceeds that of a lot of CDs considered to be full length.

In a recent interview with Tastyfresh, Hunter was quoted as saying that he doesn't distinguish between Christian and mainstream music and doesn't believe we should either. The most telling part of the interview came when he said, "For me, my music always comes from a place of worship and hearing God."

My only real criticism of the album is Open My Eyes and Come On, tracks one and two respectively sound too much alike to be placed this closely together on the CD.

Writer: Joe Montague

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