Hot Little Rocket

Album Title: Laika
Release Date: 2005 (Re-release)
Genre: Garage Punk
After replacing bassist Mark Macarthur with Patrick May, Hot Little Rocket decided to re-release their six-song EP Laika. It's strange how something produced in 1999 could be relevant to today's indie-rock trend, but then again anything is considered commercially promising these days. There's a whiney pitch to Andrew Wedderbun's voice, as it's difficult to make out the lyrics, but he does sing with a genuine desire for music. You can tell HLR is a band with persistent determination to "make it". The stronger tracks on the EP are Ad Rates and Train Jumper - both of which you can sing-a-long to once the lyrics become more clear. Laika reminds me of Ben Kweller's old band Radish from '97 - when everyone was hoping to be the next Nirvana. HLR's music is fairly basic; I love when you can listen to a band and hear something new. Unfortunately with Hot Little Rocket, it seems everything they do on this EP has been done before.

Writer: Mindi St. Amand

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