Day at the Fair

Album Title: The Rocking Chair Years
Release Date: May 3, 2005
Genre: Alt-Rock
Day At The Fair is a four-piece band from Jefferson Township, NJ. Their full-length CD The Rocking Chair Years is a nostalgic drive back to the days of high school, when dreams were believable and relationships meant everything. The title track sets the nature of the album with its mixture of punk rock and alternative style. "This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things" and "Pale in Comparison" reflects a typical lifestyle of a teenager, experimenting with lyrics about love and death. Lead singer Chris Barker sings:

"Can you see the sunset from the highway? And can you leave those plans for us behind? Cause broken hearts they mend, to fall in love again."

Although majority of the album has memorable guitar riffs and slaughtering drums, there are a few quieter moments in songs "The Lost, The Lucky" and "Everything I've Ever Wanted", which I'm sure will be a soundtrack for one of those broken-heart episodes of the OC. Barker and other band members Rob Heiner, Todd Maisano and Steve Weir grew up listening to bands The Lemonheads, Soul Asylum, and The Cure. It's good to see a band can be inspired by music and not sound anything thing like it. The only song that does sound like another band is "Monday Morning" - It seems on the way back from the fair, there were some confessions on the dashboard.

Writer: Mindi St. Amand

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